Hi I’m Nathan, with 20 years experience in music production, interactive technology, digital media and design. I work with a range of artists and creators on projects that encompass many design disciplines, including audio and video production, graphic design, web design, 3D modelling and motion design.
I love collaborating and working with other creators! So check out my portfolio and projects pages, and let’s have a chat sometime. Feel free to get in contact, and we can talk all things creative over a coffee or via Zoom.


I’ve always been inspired by creating things and working with people to realise their dreams.. Sometimes they become my dreams and visions.. whether its working on their record, designing a graphic or a website for them, sometimes I just can’t help myself..

Working on my Soundcraft 3200 console was a daily occurrence for around 10 years at our Salisbury studio.. Very fun!

I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Design and Interactive Technology (Digital Media) at the University of Southern Queensland. I’m currently in my second year, and hoping to finish by end of 2023.

For those of you that know a bit about me, I used to own and operate a studio in Salisbury which had 4 rehearsal rooms, and a commercial recording studio “Tall Poppy”. For a long time we were a well known hubspot for musicians all over Brisbane, and touring musicians interstate and international.

Our facilities were used on occasions by some really well known artists such as Seal, Violent Soho, Glenn Matlock, Katie Noonan, Karise Eden, Judah Kelly and many more that I can’t even remember.

After 10 long years at Salisbury, and 3 years before that at Sumner Park, I made the difficult decision to close the doors … For many it was a complete shock and seemed to come out of nowhere. In some ways that was true, however I had been living with a difficult reality in the landscape of the Brisbane music scene for the previous few years.

Many people have asked me to share the story, how and why it all happened, and what I’m doing now.. It’s quite a complex situation to reconcile, however I’m currently putting together my thoughts and will post up a blog about it all soon.. watch this space

What my clients are saying…..

Jessie Robins

“I have worked with Nathan for multiple recording projects & continue working with him to this day. He is a true professional & someone I would highly recommend! Each time he has gone above & beyond to bring my vision to life, exceeding every expectation I have had. Such a great person to work with & I can guarantee you’re in the best hands possible for your creative project! ”

Ben Torley

“Worked with Nathan on Sound design and graphic design needs. Nathan is highly professional consultative and highly creative. I would recommend Nathan to anyone who needing something creative. Amazing experience and on time high quality outcome..”

Callen Whiting

“Utterly impressive—nothing more needs to be said about Nathan.”

Alex Edwards

“Nathan is a talented producer, graphic designer and mix engineer who is always professional and efficient. He has been so easy to work with and has created some amazing designs for me.”

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