Working with the one and only ‘Stav’ otherwise known as Michael Stavrou who has worked alongside artists such as Elton John, Queen, Paul McCartney and Crowded House, just to name a few, was an amazing experience in itself and one of those projects never to be forgotten. To be able to feed off another engineer of such high calibre I could have been mistaken for a dry sponge that weekend. Stav brought Byron Bay indie acoustic band, Hunter and Smoke in the studio for 3 days in March 2016, where we tracked and mixed 6 songs for their upcoming ep! 

I’m looking forward to working with Stav on another upcoming project in mid 2022! More details on that soon! Stay tuned!



Its been amazing working with super talented songwriter and performer ‘Alex Edwards’ on his second solo album which we dropped in January this year, ‘Fealty Fjords’! 

Alex is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I’ve been working with him in the studio assisting him over the past 12 months in helping Alex utilise his music composition, songwriting and recording to cope with his condition, and bring about daily life change for him. 

Working with Alex on the release of his second solo album ‘Fealty Fjords’ , Alex was nominated for a QMA award for the Billy Thorpe Scholarship! We didn’t get the win, but to make top 4 was very satisfying! We collaborated with russian singer ‘Luda Meshkova’ of Felidae for the vocals of second single ‘The Particle’, and Roger Burgin on the animation video! Check the official video out below!

future 1 4 AP


A project I’ve been working on with Andy Mac for most of 2021, somewhat of a passion project, I’ve been wanting to design a product for quite sometime, and given I’m working hard getting back into shape after such a long time, this was the perfect product for me to work on! 

I’de never heard of Nootropics til starting to work on this product, but its definately something to learn about and will be a prominent product line in the near future. 

Although I learned a lot in the process, I’m really happy with the results and we have a number of stores stocking the product now. 

In June we released the 500gm tubs of ‘Future 1’ performance powder which is a post workout Nootropic shake!

Over a number of months,  I developed the website (yes go take a look) created the product branding and packaging design to go with the powder!

If you want a great tasting drink that helps you with recovery after workouts, improves cognitive function and slows the aging process, this is a great option! 


I’m currently working on a project for a great friend of mine who’s written a interesting story, somewhat his experiences but also a bit of fiction thrown in! A story of a guy living with a condition where his body is being controlled and manipulated by a mixture of aliens, gods, goddesses amongst other beings.

The animation will also serve as a pitch for a full length feature film, with plans for synchronisation to all the regular streaming platforms, Netflix, Amazon, Stan etec. 

The format is a film sketch animation, and I’m lucky enough to be working on the ADR, music, sound design and FX. We spent 2 weekends at a local studio recording approx 40 voice actors/actresses of whom spread across 90 characters in the film.  We’re looking at a release in the first half of 2022. 


I’ve recently been working on the ADR for a local music production for a great friend of mine, Stevie Mac, who starred and directed his film, “The Rise Of Billy Jones”. Its a movie about the rise of a pop star who’s trying to shed an aristocratic family heritage and pursue his own fame and fortune!  The Sequel is already in the works and I’ll be putting forward my interest in being involved in the sound and ADR component! 


I’ve been working with these great guys from the the Sunshine coast called KGM, Kim , Gus and Mark.. I had a blast recording 2 albums with them at Tall Poppy Studios throughout 2018 and 2019. Wer’e about to release the 2nd album, its taken alot longer to finish thanks to covid-19 however we will get there… Stay tuned for this one, If you’re a babyboomer rocker you’ll definately love this album! Hit em up on facebook and give them a like! Check out the video we did back in 2019 for their single, Lady In Red. Seeings I played all the bass lines on the record, I even got to star in the video!! haha!


Some portfolio work I completed with another student during 1st year Design and Interactive Technology (BDIT) completed in November 2021! We received a high distinction and special mention for our efforts!


A few years back when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, and there wasn’t a lot of freelance work around at the time. I made the decision to go back to university and begin a degree which encompassed Design, Interactive Technology, and IT. An introductory subject on communication skills and academic writing would have me undertake a mini thesis on a controversial topic of my choice, select an audience and deliver it as an oral presentation. 

I came up with the idea of researching EGM’s otherwise known as Pokie machines, their place in our community,  and the government’s role in their existence, particularly in pubs and clubs.

It was in oral presentation format which i’ve uploaded the audio here. I received a High Distinction for it, and got a special mention from USQ for my research! 

I feel it’s a pretty good listen for anyone interested in what really is going on with poker machines in our local communities across Australia! Enjoy! 

(Please note, this presentation is NOT referring to gambling overall, or EGM’s in casinos)